They are just great! I’ve been using one for Cola every time I take her to the beach.  It’s super cute because she just lays down when she wears them – it’s like her hyper button is turned off.

Re Bastien and Cola

Hallelujah! No more mud in the back of the car! I think I’ll use this bag all the time in the car to avoid the constant vacuuming up of dog hair and get another one to keep in the house for after walks. Happy puppy too!

April O’Keefe and Teddy

I’ve been a huge fan of the Wags idea ever since Brooke told me about it years ago. Now that I’ve got two often wet and dirty dogs I’m loving how practical it is. And the Lalas seem to love their bags too. What do I like?  (more…)

Hans Peter Meyer with Ruby and Lotte

We love our Wags Bag! Detour in his Wags Bag after a walk in the rain. He really likes it!
Thank you very much.

Janice and Detour

“This was amazing to help with drying and de-sanding Pippa the beach loving pup. I will need one for each kid too… then we might be sand free!”

Barbara got a bag before a camping trip to Tofino in an effort to keep the sand in Pippa’s coat out of her camper.

Barbara Neumeyer and Pippa