Hans Peter Meyer with Ruby and Lotte

I’ve been a huge fan of the Wags idea ever since Brooke told me about it years ago. Now that I’ve got two often wet and dirty dogs I’m loving how practical it is. And the Lalas seem to love their bags too. What do I like? 
We just came in from the woods and a downpour. Ruby and Lotte were soaked and muddy. Instead of trying to get them to “stay” on a matt (Ruby is pretty good at that), I just zip them into their Wags Doggy Bags. They seem to think it’s fine, and settle down. This keeps their wet and dirty “paint brushes/ sponges” off my floor and furniture. And, while they’re reclining in a cozy “bed” they’re also drying up and dropping a LOT of the dirt. After a while I unzip them and while they’re damp, they’re not soaking wet. And they’re not dirty.
Then I shake out the bags outside and the Lalas like to use them as their “spots” in the house, their mats.
When they get real dirty (hasn’t happened yet) I’ll toss them in the washing machine. Super product.