Frequently asked questions:

How do I work out what size bag I need?

To figure out what size bag your dog needs, there are 3 things to consider:

1 - has your dog finished growing?
2 - the measurement from their collar to the base of their tail, right where their bum starts to curve
3 - the measurement from their shoulder to the ground

Smaller breeds reach their adult height and length by 8 months, medium breeds by 15 months and large breeds by 18 months.

In terms of measurements refer to the chart below and keep in mind that when laying on their side, your dog's feet should not be constrained by the base of the bag.

Collar to base of tail - 43cm or 17”
Shoulder to ground - 48cm or 19”

Collar to base of tail - 56cm or 22”
Shoulder to ground - 65cm or 25”

Collar to base of tail - 61cm or 24”
Shoulder to ground - 71cm or 28”

I want to buy a bag for a puppy, do I need to buy another one when he gets older?
  • If your dog is still growing you should purchase a bag suitable for their adult size. Unless you want to purchase multiple bags or course! The neck is adjustable so that large breed puppies don't get lost in their giant bags!
How do I clean my Wags bag?
Are the bags made of sustainable materials?
  • Wags Doggy Bags are made from 100% cotton and can safely be laundered and tumble dried on the appropriate setting.
Where are the bags made?
  • Our bags are proudly made on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, from locally sourced materials.
What is the easiest way to get my dog into the bag?
Can I use the bag all year round?
  • You can.  However, please read our Safety Recommendations to ensure you are using the bag correctly in all conditions.