What is a Wags Doggy Bag?

A wet and dirty dog solution! Take your wet, mucky mutt, put them in a Wags Doggy Bag, and a short time later they are dry and all the mess from their coat is in the bag, not in your home or car!

If you want to know more and see what's been going, on then check out Instagram and Facebook and see some of the behind the scenes action to getting a business up and running. Hint - it's exciting and busy and exhausting and thrilling all at once. Did I say exhausting??

You can read what some of our newest customers have to say on our Testimonials page.  For example breeds, sizes and how to measure your dog, go to the Sizes and Pricing page.  If you know the size you need, go straight to the Shop page.

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Image below by Pauliina Saarinen Photography


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Why indeed @Kirsten.Wood.90?
Because we love them super so very ginormous infinity much. ♾ 🐾❣️And that's not even a quarter of how we feel about them. As my youngest says "I love Cedar even more than ice cream". Don't take it personally, I love your ice cream, best not to ask me how much I love my 🐶 though. 😘
A huge thank you to Bowser Pet Products @bowserspetproducts and Bark Pet Boutique @barkpetboutique for going out of their way and making the exchange work for Cedar's XL crescent bed. Clearly a medium wasn't going to work for a long and lean Border Collie. Trying to get the bed back to Ontario from Van Is was going to be super costly, so Philip at Bark Pet Boutique down in Victoria came to the rescue.
Peanut butter for the win!!! 🥜🐾
Puppy love on ToT ❣️
Just hangin’ around on this here comfy log.

Pauliina Saarinen took this photo of Cedar in January at Seal Bay when she was 4 months old. Such fun to work with her and Andrew. Cedar loved racing to Pauliina and her treats and all the squeaky toys. 

Cedar takes her time getting to know people and other pups. I haven’t experienced this before with my dogs, so it’s interesting to learn from her how she gets comfortable around people she doesn’t know. Pauliina, Cedar and I went for a quick circuit so Cedar could become comfortable with Pauliina. It didn’t take long as Pauliina quickly got down to Cedar’s level and played a bit. From then on Cedar was up for clambering on logs and stumps and racing down paths while Pauliina and Andrew took pictures and adjusted lighting and squeaked and captured her fleeting puppy attention.

At the end of the shoot, it felt like I’d spent a couple of hours with some new friends. Cedar slept like the log she’d been laying on and all was well.

📷: @pauliinasaarinenphotography
It means a lot to me that local stores are wanting to stock my bags.
Thank you so much for the support. ❣️🐾 @courtenaybosleys and @upliftersshop

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Wags Doggy Bags is at Long Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island.

1 month 5 hours ago

Someone decreed it to be National Dog Day??? Super busy at the moment, but my Cedar times are some of my favourite each day. Isn’t