Sewing puppyWhat is a Wags Doggy Bag?

A wet and dirty dog solution! Take your wet, mucky mutt, put them in a Wags Doggy Bag, and a short time later they are dry and all the mess from their coat is in the bag, not in your home or car!

If you want to know more and see what's been going, on then check out Instagram and Facebook and see some of the behind the scenes action to getting a business up and running. Hint - it's exciting and busy and exhausting and thrilling all at once. Did I say exhausting??

We have launched our first run of Wags Doggy Bags and the response has been really gratifying.  You can read what some of our newest customers have to say on our Testimonials page.  For example breeds, sizes and how to measure your dog, go to the Sizes and Pricing page.  If you know the size you need, go straight to the Shop page.

If you'd like more information about the use and effectiveness of Wags Doggy Bags, please use the form below to send me a message or click the Message us button at bottom right.


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We’re restocking this week. Small, medium and large sizes are automatically restocked. If you’re after an XS or XL, they’re made to order and usually within a week.

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Why indeed @Kirsten.Wood.90?
Because we love them super so very ginormous infinity much. ♾ 🐾❣️And that's not even a quarter of how we feel about them. As my youngest says "I love Cedar even more than ice cream". Don't take it personally, I love your ice cream, best not to ask me how much I love my 🐶 though. 😘
Exciting news! #WagsDoggyBags are now available at @upliftersshop in @downtowncourtenay. In case you haven’t heard Uplifters is a philanthropic shop that supports local makers and groups in need. I could spend ages in there, so many great things. We really are super fortunate to have so many creative folks in town.

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So what do you love about your work?

Coming into this business was a completely new experience for me, moving from the creative and corporate worlds.

I didn’t really know what to expect. The learning curve was steep for textiles and manufacturing. I was daunted by the prototype process and insanely excited by it too. Getting a pattern from paper into a digital format was another step. Creating the sizes was also a real puzzle that prompted some creative fixes - hello adjustable neck! I can still recall those lightbulb discussions with various people that contributed to the refinements and the joy those moments brought.

I think one of the things I really enjoy is packaging up a bag either for retail or mail and sending it on its way. Hoping that it will relieve some wet and dirty dog frustrations in the home it’s going to.

How about you? What’s your work jam?
First bags going to my first bricks and mortar store. Slightly exciting 🎊🥳, ok very exciting, it’s been a looooong time coming. You can find them at @courtenaybosleys 

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Peanut butter for the win!!! 🥜🐾
I love hearing back from customers about how their pets go in their Wags Bags. Thank you so much Katie 🥰

"Hey Brooke, here are some shots of my dog Jasper in his first go with his wags bag. Wasn't totally sure of it at first, but was looking pretty comfy at the end." @katiebrennan_ca
📸 Katie Brennan


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Hans has been a vocal supporter of Wags, loving the idea from the start. He's happy to answer questions and he'll give you an honest