Sewing puppyWhat is a Wags Doggy Bag?

A wet and dirty dog solution! Take your wet, mucky mutt, put them in a Wags Doggy Bag, and a short time later they are dry and all the mess from their coat is in the bag, not in your home or car!

If you want to know more and see what's been going, on then check out Instagram and Facebook and see some of the behind the scenes action to getting a business up and running. Hint - it's exciting and busy and exhausting and thrilling all at once. Did I say exhausting??

We have launched our first run of Wags Doggy Bags and the response has been really gratifying.  Visit the Shop for sizes and pricing.

If you'd like more information about the use and effectiveness of Wags Doggy Bags, please use the form below to send me a message or click the Message us button at bottom right.


Sustainable packaging

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Catching the last rays of summer, Jersey loved her bag right away after her walk.

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I love hearing back from customers about how their pets go in their Wags Bags. Thank you so much Katie 🥰

"Hey Brooke, here are some shots of my dog Jasper in his first go with his wags bag. Wasn't totally sure of it at first, but was looking pretty comfy at the end." @katiebrennan_ca
📸 Katie Brennan

Puppy love on ToT ❣️
The delightful Ruby and Lotte in their new bags. At 5 months old Lotte has some growing up to do, but her bag will grow with her, something I’m sure @hanspetermeyer appreciates. Plus of course the sand free floors and seats.
Looks like Miss Cedar might be getting some brown around her eyes, maybe, I’m not sure. 🤔 😍

What do you think?
Just hangin’ around on this here comfy log.

Pauliina Saarinen took this photo of Cedar in January at Seal Bay when she was 4 months old. Such fun to work with her and Andrew. Cedar loved racing to Pauliina and her treats and all the squeaky toys. 

Cedar takes her time getting to know people and other pups. I haven’t experienced this before with my dogs, so it’s interesting to learn from her how she gets comfortable around people she doesn’t know. Pauliina, Cedar and I went for a quick circuit so Cedar could become comfortable with Pauliina. It didn’t take long as Pauliina quickly got down to Cedar’s level and played a bit. From then on Cedar was up for clambering on logs and stumps and racing down paths while Pauliina and Andrew took pictures and adjusted lighting and squeaked and captured her fleeting puppy attention.

At the end of the shoot, it felt like I’d spent a couple of hours with some new friends. Cedar slept like the log she’d been laying on and all was well.

📷: @pauliinasaarinenphotography

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Hans has been a vocal supporter of Wags, loving the idea from the start. He's happy to answer questions and he'll give you an honest